About the Project > Objectives

To enhance the innovative potential of the benchmarking approach to the banking and financial services sector where the role of human resources is increasingly considered as an organisational asset to nurture and develop continuously.

To improve diversity management by using an innovative tool based on the Learning Organisation and quality assurance criteria, to the banking sector with the main experimentation implemented in Luxembourg and additionally in Slovenia.

To offer the FSS a suitable and validated benchmarking approach and tool so to increase human resources development processes and quality of services at large

To apply the European Common Quality Assurance Framework (CQAF) and its inherent management tools to support and to improve the life long learning processes of FSS employees

To improve the quality and to increase the volume of cooperation between institutions or organisations providing learning opportunities, enterprises, social partners and other relevant bodies throughout Europe

To facilitate the development of innovative practices in the field of vocational education and training other than at tertiary level, and their transfer, including from one participating country to others

To improve the transparency and recognition of qualifications and competences, including those acquired through nonformal and informal learning