About the Project > Target Group and potential Users

The primary target group comprises Trainers, Human Resources Specialists, professional working for the promotion of the Learning Organisation in Human Resources Development, Organisational Development and Organisation Departments, in the Banking and Financial Services Sector.

This holds particularly true in the countries addressed by the transfer of innovation (Luxembourg and
Slovenia). In addition, the project also addresses the needs of employees who will benefit from the improved training provisions due to the application of quality management tools and taking into account the results of the benchmarking exercise.

The beneficiaries of the project will be FSS organisations in the addressed countries. In addition, it is planned that thanks to the envisaged guidelines for Transferability, the QUA.LOBSTER model will be ready for being transferred to other FSS organisations in other European Member States.

This transfer will be facilitated thanks to the EBTN large and consolidated network and the role of its member organisations in European countries.