About the Project > Innovative Aspects

QUA.LOBSTER proposes a transfer of innovation across countries (geographic dimension) and across sectors (sectoral dimension), as explained below.

As regards the geographical dimension, the LOBSTER project was developed by a network of six partners (from Italy, Finland, Romania, Greece and Portugal). The idea to transfer the LOBSTER outputs to other national contexts has stemmed from the need detected in the FSS at European level to support the elaboration and consolidation of innovative practices in training and continuous professional development, in a Quality Assurance perspective. In this respect, the proposed transfer of the LOBSTER approach to other countries is also aimed at developing sustainable mechanisms to assure transferability and adaptability of the benchmarking system.

As regards the sectoral dimension, the LOBSTER model was developed taking into account only the features and needs expressed by the banking sector. In the past five years, the sector has grown in dimension and complexity, integrating financial and capital market activities. This growth has
implications in terms of the characteristics of the addressed organisations (not only banks, but also financial and insurance institutes) and their needs. Therefore QUA.LOBSTER also aims at validating the benchmarking system in a broader sector, made of banking and financial institutions.