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Considering the planned activities, it is expected that once the LOBSTER benchmarking system has been transferred to the two importing countries and therefore customised and tested, it will be possible to disseminate such results and create a Europeanwide “Laboratory for Innovation”. This is expected to be a virtual community of practice in which interested parties will be given the space to discuss about their own experiences and collaborate to further the transfer of innovation implemented. The Laboratory will be set up on the existing LOBSTER web site (temporarily hosted by SCIENTER: http://www.scienter.org/lobster), where online discussion fora have been created during the project lifecycle. The Laboratory will “revive” the fora adding new information and knowledge on the transfer of innovation proposed by this proposal.

So, for the success of the transfer of innovation:

- Number of practitioners reached and involved in the transfer of innovation: minimum 25

- Positive feedback on the piloted benchmarking system

- Feedback on European Framework for Quality Assurance (CQAF) and its management tools

- Degree of integration of the benchmarking system within existing QA systems for HRD (based on involved practitioners’ feedback)

- Production of leaflet and CD


… and for the success of dissemination actions:

- Number of subscribed participants in the Laboratory

- Number of active participants in the “Laboratory for Innovation”

- Number of distributed leaflets and CD